Concentrated Commercial Detergent
Excellent for Commercial Laundry. Cleans All Kinds of Surfaces.
Highly Concentrated.

Are you using generic laundry detergent made by small manufacturers?

Is it too expensive compared to its effectiveness at your professional laundry services?

Have you been disappointed after using detergent which has not been chemically validated?

Introducing OXYSOL, approved by many laundry services and certified by chemical companies worldwide.
Kingsfield Name
Best Results Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Savings for:
Commercial Laundry Services,
Shirt Factories, Hotels, Hospitals,
Beauty & Nail Salons,
Spas & Saunas, etc.

  • Highly effective, top quality enzyme detergent
  • Highly concentrated, a small amount yields perfect results
  • Quick dissolving, with no residue for a luxurious feel
  • Eliminates odor, leaving a naturally fresh scent
  • Added oxidized bleach removes mature stains, and protects vivid colors
  • Softening agent combined with a fabric protectant for maximum results
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stored in convenient 55 lb (25 kg) pails
  • Best results when used with sister product, OXYPOWERTM

Directions for Laundry
General Cleaning
Large capacity washing machine
Na3T and SOREM